Celebrating 25 years!


We always prefer to look forward instead of back, but when you celebrate a birthday one tends to get a bit nostalgic. So looking back on 25 years of Quatre Mains, we feel proud and excited. Above all grateful for all the amazing people that have touched our lives during our beautiful branding and packaging design adventure. On this occasion we would especially like to thank our loyal clients, our enthusiastic staff and supporting families, without whom Quatre Mains would not have gotten the opportunity to grow and flourish like it has.

To everybody who has a heart for Quatre Mains : Thank you, merci, bedankt.

Els, Patrick and our fantastic team.

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PACKAGING MAGAZINE / Quatre Mains en KMO’s: het klikt!

Ontwerpbureau Quatre Mains werkt graag samen met KMO’s. Voor de samenwerking met deze opdrachtgevers heeft het bureau een traject ontwikkeld dat is gebaseerd op empathie, expertise en ervaring. Dit resulteert in ontwerpen die perfect functioneren in de markt waarin deze bedrijven actief zijn.

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PACKAGING MAGAZINE / Op zoek naar Symbiose

Patrick De Grande, zaakvoeder van verpakkingsontwerpbureau Quatre Mains, is een vurig voorstander van diepere samenwerking in de verpakkingsketen. ‘We zouden meer symbiose moeten krijgen tussen designbureaus, prepressbedrijven, materiaalleveranciers en brand owners. Dan kunnen nieuwe stappen worden gezet in innovatie en verpakkingsontwikkeling.’ 

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Quatre Mains serves Hamburgers ;-)

DIY-burgers at your Delhaize supermarket. 

Packaging design should invite you to enjoy good food. In any case, this transparent packaging gives you what it promises. Real artisan meatburgers packed in a nostalgic wrapper, of which every butcher would be proud of. It’s time to experiment with these three flavors! 

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Hotter than your girlfriend.

Black as night, sweet as sin.

These days, drinking coffee looks hip and is fashionable. Our customer and local coffee-roasting house Carantos had the courage to redefine its brand. A pure cocktail of black copywrite, sugar free graphics and doomed skulls makes it the best coffee you’ve ever had. The Belgian baristas were raving about this make-over and stood in line to purchase the new ‘beyond espresso’ style.

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