General conditions of sale

General Terms of Business relating to Quatre Mains

  • Our price quotes all exclude VAT @ 21%
  • Invoices are payable in Maldegem, in full.
  • Complaints will only be admissible if they are notified by registered letter within 14 days after delivery.
  • If an invoice is not paid within thirty days after the invoice date or when the due date expires, the principal sum of the invoice will be increased by 15%, automatically and without notice of default. This is by way of fixed compensation for any damage caused to Quatre Mains as the result of late payment.
  • If the payment period is exceeded, Quatre Mains will stop accepting new assignments until such time as the amount owed has been paid in full.
  • Until such time as the contractually agreed price has been paid, any graphic work will remain the sole and exclusive property of Quatre Mains.
  • The price quote will apply only for the assignment stated in the quote.
  • Modifications to the original details of the price quote will be charged to the client.
  • Any person or business that places an order will be held liable for the payment of that order. If a third party is to be invoiced for the work, this requirement must be stated at the time the quote is requested.
  • Quatre Mains cannot be held liable for errors in the text/copy or for the translation of these errors after approval.
  • Typesetting, printing plates, cutting dies, designs, drawings, photos, films, computer files, negatives and slides, etc. of any kind, regardless of the technology involved, remain the sole property of Quatre Mains, even if the costs for them are charged separately. They may not be copied or reprinted.
  • Quatre Mains retains the material ownership of all its studies, designs and final models, as well as all rights relating thereto, except for those that have been expressly ceded to the client in writing. Copyright disputes will be handled by Sofam.
  • Every design must be handled with care and may not be modified in any way without the express permission of Quatre Mains.
  • Any designs that are not used must be returned to Quatre Mains in their original, good condition.
  • If a design supplied does not comply with the assignment in the opinion of the client, Quatre Mains will credit at least half of the total fee, plus any costs already incurred.
  • All disputes will be ruled on by the Courts in Ghent.
  • All cases of force majeure that render the fulfilment of the agreement impossible discharge Quatre Mains from any obligation or responsibility. Under no circumstances may force majeure result in compensation.
  • Quatre Mains retains the right to use all graphic work delivered and paid for for its own publicity purposes.


Free translation - The conditions of sale established in Dutch shall prevail over the conditions of sale translated into English or any other language

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