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Spa fell in love with Quatre Mains… and vice versa.

With its customary stunning creativity, Quatre Mains is currently breathing new life into the iconic Spa brand. 

“Surveys conducted in recent years pointed to the need for us to make our brand architecture clearer” -- Sophie Bryskère, marketing manager Spa

Quatre Mains rebranded Spa:

  • ‘purifying’ Spa still water
  • ‘lively’ Spa sparkling water
  • ‘cheerful’ Spa lemonade

“Through this Spa rebranding and packaging restyling exercise, we are showing that an iconic brand with a long-established tradition can be given a totally new lease of life by using the right creative approach, ready to face the future.”

It was our creative versatility, expertise and sheer energy that won Quatre Mains the assignment to relaunch Spa as a ‘love brand’ in the face of competition from a whole array of leading design agencies in Belgium and Holland. 

In response, Quatre Mains created an entirely new Spa master brand, complete with a principal umbrella logo that projects the key features of the brand, giving it the required status, naturalness and familiarity. Beneath this, the 3 sub-brands have been tackled really creatively: purifying Spa still water, lively Spa sparkling water and the cheerful Spa lemonade. And Quatre Mains has hit the marketing bull’s eye by creating inspirational logo designs that give each of the sub-brands its own personality. Then, working from these, a hard-hitting design was created for over 100 different forms of packaging. The new packaging is accompanied by a number of eye-catching name changes, also developed by Quatre Mains. For instance, Spa Barisart has been renamed Spa Intense, while the light sparkling Spa Marie-Henriette will continue life as Spa Finesse and the Spa ‘&’ range has become the ‘touch of’ range. 

All of the new packaging for Spa Reine and Spa sparkling water is already proudly on display in stores. And right now we are busy working on the relaunch of Spa lemonade. 

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