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SIRUP for MoMe

Master in Uplifting Drinks.

Our faithful client MoMe was keen to expand their product portfolio outside of the world of chocolate & marshmallows, coming to us with ambitions to develop a range of fruit based non-alcoholic cordials, made specifically for the horeca market.

Moving from the world of chocolate to fruit cordials was quite a stretch for MoMe, so it was decided that a new brand should empower this promise that would be endorsed by their expertise.

Quatre Mains package design - cocktails, thees, lemonades, drinks
Quatre Mains package design - sir.up, mome, chocolait

Inspired by the playful and creative nature of this product and the competitive trendsetting horeca world, we saw the need to develop a brand with real presence and character. From the cordial ‘syrup’, Sir Up was born, an unmissable personality with the strength to uplift any drink and sweeten any experience. Strong but kind, fruity and powerful, the Sir Up cordial range is diverse and inspiring. Our weightlifting brand mascot decorates each pack with his surprisingly fruity dumbbell combinations, from Basil & Lime to Green Tea & Jasmine, Tropical Mint or Spicy Ginger. For cocktails, mocktails or even winter warmers, the choice is yours. The charming illustrative style and tactile textures, together with the authentic glass bottle, help create a visual language designed to amplify the products artisanal qualities and appealing brand character.

Why go to the gym when you can go to the bar instead! ;)

Quatre Mains package design - strong man, cucumber, pineapple, mint, strawberry
Quatre Mains package design - packaging design, rebranding, weck bottle
Quatre Mains package design - illustrations, labels, sir.up



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