Quatre Mains package design - Package design liquor, pralines, bouboul, chocolate carré
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BOUBOUL for Chocolaterie Carré

Little chocolate liqueur balls of discovery.

Chocolaterie Carré is a small but well-respected Belgian producer of quality chocolate liqueurs who wished to launch an exciting new innovation on the retail market. Inspired by their eclectic range of premium liqueur balls, the Bouboul brand of chocolate discovery was born. The Bouboul name is an affectionate reference to a cute and desirable ball shaped object, which worked perfectly with the petite and fascinating form of this chocolate liqueur.

Quatre Mains package design - quatre mains, tropical assortment, cocktails
Quatre Mains package design - digestive, irish cream, cognac

Reflecting both the product shape and surprising experience, we created little ‘taste sensation worlds’ that illustrate the intriguing characteristics of each liqueur selection. Diving into a lazy tropical pool or sophisticated after-dinner scene, the central storytelling device invites the viewer in to discover more. From an outrageous Cosmopolitan or Mojito, to a classic Cognac or Irish Cream, each Bouboul liqueur is decorated with flamboyant and premium print styling. Pastel colours and tactile textures help complete a refreshing and modern look & feel best suited to the brands exclusive nature.

Cheers and to your health!

Quatre Mains package design - pralines, digestive, assortment
Quatre Mains package design - chocolate carré, tropical, cocktails
Quatre Mains package design - details, hotfoil, gold, packaging, branding
Quatre Mains package design - inlay, cushion pad, hotfoil




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