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DR.CHOQ for Q Chocolate

Shockingly Good Chocolate

Our client knew that in order to make an impact in the crazy world of chocolate, it’s worth going all the way. Delivering a concept not to be missed was at the heart of our approach that lead to the development of the Dr Choq brand whose key purpose was to knock our socks off.

Quatre Mains package design - branding, packaging, shock, electric

For all those chocolate freaks with a problem, Dr Choq is there to administer a taste shock treatment you’ll never forget. From a touch loopy to completely bonkers, Dr Choq has the cure, thanks to its eclectic range of curious taste combinations, ready to blow your mind. From pretzel & bacon to mint, merengue & lime, this deliciously surprising set of chocolate discoveries deserved a design that made a real mark. Showcasing a nutty line-up of chocolately challenged patients, the Dr Choq treatment is evident, with a lightning bolt branding to the brain and an explosion colour and taste. True to the heritage of often once dubious medical products and practices, a retro 50s print advertising style with a surreal twist helped form an identity that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

So, in a category as competitive as this, much can be said of doing things big or otherwise you might as well stay in bed. We were only too pleased to be of service.

Next patient please!

Quatre Mains package design - prescription, shocking, branding, packaging, quatre mains
Quatre Mains package design - doctor, chocolate, flavours, stethoscope
Quatre Mains package design - chocolate, pretzel, bacon, mint, merengue, brownie, fudge, cherry, chili
Quatre Mains package design - swirl, milk, nougat, dark, sea salt, caramel
Quatre Mains package design - nougat, caramel, shockingly, dr chow

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