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ALGORITME for Kenyio

Natural Rhythms

Algo-Ritme is a brand whose origins lie deep in the Volta Valley in Ghana where they strive to build a bridge between local African commerce and culture with European health and wellbeing. Through purely naturally cultivated spirulina supplements, the Algo-Ritme brand wishes to position itself as the premium, talk-of-the-town reference in this ever-growing category. 

Quatre Mains package design - algoritme, natural, rhythms, quatre mains

‘Algo’ refers to micro-algae that forms spirulina with ‘Ritme’ reflecting the natural rhythm’s inherent in our body’s wellbeing. It’s these natural rhythms between Ghana and Europe, between spirulina and our health and this brand and its respect for the environment where it is cultivated, that sets the tone for the Algo-Ritme brand and packaging identity.

Quatre Mains package design - algoritme, spirulina, packaging, quatre mains

The rhythm inspired wavelength symbol acts as a flexible logo device that in turn helps divide and connect the dual aspect of the brand name. In harmony with the intense deep green brand colour, a Ghanaian inspired ‘Kente’ fabric pattern was also created, interwoven with the wavelength symbol and integrated behind a Volta river shaped organic form. The hot-foil gold brand colour helps accentuate the premium nature of the brand whilst supporting the products unique properties.

From display case to refill pot and pouch, the Algo-Ritme brand looks to actively support local communities whilst standing out from the supplement crowd and help transport a touch of truly natural Ghanaian culture across the sea and into our homes.

Quatre Mains package design - hotfoil, branding, ghana, quatre mains
Quatre Mains package design - volta, ghana, spirulina, superfood
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Quatre Mains package design - wood, superfood, wellbeing




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