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FOOD OF THE WORLD for Delhaize

‘Go Somewhere new’

Delhaize had as Food of the World range under the Delhaize Mainstream brand, covering different categories (Traiteur, Frozen, Grocery,…) and different origins (Thailand, India, China, Mexico,…) Seeing how the Delhaize Traiteur section was looking to launch many new exciting products, Delhaize felt the opportunity to update their current Food of the World range.

Quatre Mains package design - packaging design, packs, food, retailer

The goal of the redesign is to add greater visual inspiration to this world food inspired range and to guide the consumer on a real Food journey. The aim is to invite the consumer to travel around the world, discovering different cultures, people and food habits. Food of the World is all about ethnic food and trying something new.

For the new design we created a pinterest moodboard style, combing architecture, nature, travel and food for each different origine. We focused on the modern visualization of the food as if you’re a food blogger traveling the world, experiencing all the local food. Each country has its colour code and foodstyling background.

Are you traveling with us?

Quatre Mains package design - thailand, food, curry
Quatre Mains package design - bulgogi pork, korea, food
Quatre Mains package design - japan, beef teriyaki, rice
Quatre Mains package design - country's, colour

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