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NUTRIBIRD for Versele Laga

Redesign and merge of 2 brands

Versele-Laga has been driven for many years by the unique relationship between people and their animals, focusing on the development of quality nutritional food for both regular pet owners and breeding professionals.

Their brands Nutribird and Orlux are well-known in the market as trusted and respected providers of food solutions for an incredible range of birds, with products tailor-made for multiple needs. However, despite their presence in the category, the brand’s visual identities had become dated and no longer reflected the modern innovation inherent in their products or displayed by competitors. The client therefore decided to simplify their product portfolio by merging the two brands together and looked for a streamlined, attractive but informative new packaging identity that could help re-boost their impact on the lives of consumers.

Quatre Mains package design - seeds, packaging, design
Quatre Mains package design - branding, bag,

This required an in-depth understanding of the countless products within the range and an orderly approach to the simplification of on-pack information, so as to guide each consumer intuitively to the right feed for their bird. Inspired by interactive info graphics associated with the world of online communication we created a look & feel that conveyed a feeling of professional expertise and an on-pack navigation that clearly displays each products quality and benefits. On-top of this obvious functionality we ensured that all important emotional connection by creating a playing and charming interaction between the birds and their own pack.

Your brand, your pack, and your birds at their best.

Quatre Mains package design - tukan, nutribird
Quatre Mains package design - before and after, restyling, rebranding

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