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GRANOLA'S for Turtle

Turtle is a brand who invites us all to slow down and think about what we eat and how it is produced. Their nutritious range of delicious and organically sourced porridges and cereals provides a truly healthy and 100% natural choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Quatre Mains package design - packaging, gif, weck, jar

Growing organically with every breakfast innovation, the Turtle brand keeps on delighting consumers and feeding us with delicious challenges to design to. This new range of Granolas was no different and gave us the opportunity to allow the Turtle design identity to grow and diversify. Staying loyal to the Turtle visual language we engaged consumers with a charming and homely granola experience through the clever use of a mason jar with metal clamp that forms a window literally into the pack and the product. The purity and impact of this idea was all we needed to evoke the traditional but contemporary qualities of this increasingly trending product.

Simply ( but deliciously ) does it!

Quatre Mains package design - quatre mains, packaging,
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