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SAUCES & SPREADS for Pa'lais

Hacking into the dairy world with a non-dairy brand

When a vegan gourmet and a chef specialized in plant-based cuisine rolled up their sleeves, the idea of Pa’lais (derived from ‘pas de lait’) was born. Catering to a fast-growing group of socially conscious and often vegan consumers, the market was ready for a delicious non-dairy alternative to cook with and enjoy. Through blending classic cheese-making techniques with cashew nuts and with other plant-based ingredients they developed a range of creamy spreads and sauces

Quatre Mains package design - palais, cashew, nuts

We were asked to evaluate the previous design and help the client rethink priorities in terms of appetite appeal, product communication and the strengthening of this challenging non-dairy story with the dairy world. How indeed do you find the right balance between delivering a compelling product story to the market in a way that attracts non-dairy consumers whilst intriguing others who are curious about making that ‘plant-based’ change? We began noticeably with a refinement and strengthening of the branding whilst introducing the ‘Plant Kitchen’ baseline that certified clearly the brands main USP. Whilst the previous packs focused more on happy animal illustrations, we decided that the cashew product story was strategically more effective in articulating that plant-based link. Together with our illustration partner Bram de Baere, new botanical inspired gravure illustrations cultivate a creative link between the product’s plant-based world and the kitchen where it all happens. Knowing how appetite appeal drives consumer purchase we additionally ensured through creamy product visualisation and delicious serving suggestions that each pack and product was supported by the visual triggers needed to get those taste buds tingling.

Go on, grow your plant kitchen.

Quatre Mains package design - shiitake, sauce
Quatre Mains package design - cashew, soup, cream, palais
Quatre Mains package design - nutmeg, bechamel, non diary
Quatre Mains package design - cheese, alfredo, sauce
Quatre Mains package design - blue, gravure, illustration
Quatre Mains package design - sauces, spoon, spreads

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