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DOG & CATFOOD for Delcon

Premium food for your pets

Man’s best friend is often his pet and as dog & cat lovers will tell you, a healthy and balanced diet is as important for their happiness as it gets. That’s why our clients at Delcon are driven to develop only the highest quality pet food, full of innovative nutritional value that is tailor made for each animal’s specific need. Supported by a broad and in-depth foundation of product variations, this premium pet food expert brand retails to the more professional minded animal lover through targeted specialist stores.

Quatre Mains package design - Quatre mains, packaging

Looking at an ever-increasing market full of top-quality competitors our client realized the need to upgrade their branding and packaging design identity to better reflect the excellence their products deserve.

Our focus was the premiumisation of the brand through the use of a traditional country lifestyle styling that utilises iconic branding with a sophisticated pattern, that could easily find its home in today’s high society. This in balance with the use of gold against a rich Bordeaux red and deep emerald green background, reflects a higher class of brand our client wished to be associated with. Using an inter-changeable branding icon from dog to cat, this packaging system also facilitated clear navigation of all nutritional information that discerning pet lovers look for when finding the perfect match for their animal. Each product benefit comes with the necessary icon storytelling, which was a key driver of purchase and proof of the brands expertise.

A cool, clean and sophisticated identity, crafted for the dedicated animal enthusiast who only wants the very best for their loving companion. 

Quatre Mains package design - branding, puppy, dog food
Quatre Mains package design - weimaraner
Quatre Mains package design - silhouette, brand
Quatre Mains package design - gold, pattern
Quatre Mains package design - belgian, petfood
Quatre Mains package design - puppy, claims
Quatre Mains package design - cat, fish, feed
Quatre Mains package design - logo cat, silhouette
Quatre Mains package design - cat, premium, feed



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