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Cold fever, Cold Brew

Refresh your mind.

A coffee innovation for true coffee lovers in need of something refreshingly new. Cold Fever is riding the wave of new coffee trends with its carefully crafted cold brew coffee, with 70% less acidity but all the well-balanced taste and intensity coffee fanatics demand.

Quatre Mains package design - Quatremains, branding, cold fever

This premium, ethically sourced, slow brewed and micro filtered coffee needed a modern, forward thinking, and thought-provoking packaging design identity, created to put this new brand on the map. Focusing specifically on supporting the awareness around this unexpected and uncommon product innovation, we cast a spotlight on the creativity in the brand name and used branding to convey the brands character and atypical attitude. This clear, crisp, bold design statement replaces the stereotypical coffee category codes with a look and feel crafted to stand out from the crowd and create intrigue. The powerful black & white diagonal split helps to support the duality and contrast between the cool ‘Cold’ & intense ‘Fever’. This combined with refined bold typography and expressive back-of-pack storytelling, delivers a design not to be missed.

Coffee, but not as we know it!

Quatre Mains package design -
Quatre Mains package design - aluminum, black, graphic design
Quatre Mains package design - nitro, brewed, can, coffee
Quatre Mains package design -

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