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Bite to Fight for a Fair Income!

Time for a fresh wind to blow through Oxfam Fair Trade. A conscious decision was made by our client to reconnect with their roots and reawaken their passion for positive activism and meaningful change. Reality shows that current fair trade efforts are not sufficient, with still many farmers in developing countries, living in poverty, unable to make a fair income that supports a fair standard of living. Using the re-launch of the chocolate bar range as a platform to help re-address priorities, Oxfam wishes to reset a higher standard of commitment that hopefully other fair trade brands will follow.

Go that Extra Mile!

Our approach was one of effective activation at shelf. We used the packaging design as a campaign slogan to help bring a strong, clear, positive message that crystallises for consumers how their purchase helps benefit others less fortunate than ourselves. Priorities of normal chocolate product communication were completely reversed so as to open the way for our slogan to shout-out as loud as it could.

We employed a poster style typographic approach, coupled with that tear-away effect that you often see in street advertising so as to reveal the real chocolate underneath. Supported by a solidarity icon and fresh, impactful but natural colours, these packs are designed to make an unmissable statement.

So as to help better articulate our commitment to fair trade for farmers, we utilised the inside of the pack to tell the real story behind the promise.

Every little helps.

Quatre Mains package design - quatre mains, fair-trade, fair income, packaging
Quatre Mains package design - tablet, chocolate, quatre mains
Quatre Mains package design - praline, chocolate, wrapper, bite to fight
Quatre Mains package design - food packaging, wrapper, quatre mains, milk
Quatre Mains package design - bite to fight, oxfam, wereldwinkel, quatre mains
Quatre Mains package design - recto verso, inside, printing, storytelling
Quatre Mains package design - restyling, packaging, quatremains


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