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SIENNA & FRIENDS for Cinnamom

Sienna & Friends, Baby Food products

Adventures for Little Foodies!

Many brand stories begin with a consumer dilemma. As many parents will tell you, getting their little loved ones to experience new tastes and textures can be quite a challenge. The sooner you start the better, however a child’s delicate palette can be sensitive to taste sensations and parents are often discouraged to help their child try something new.

Our client understood this dilemma first hand and always dreamt of bringing a brand and product family to market that empowered parents by providing adventurous taste experiences, tailor-made for little foodies at the beginning of their mealtime explorations.

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Quatre Mains package design - pasta, sienna, friends, aurélie d'hulst, travelling

Storytelling at the heart of all creative brands.

To provide a powerful platform for this brand to grow, a story needed to be told. Therefore in order to tie together the collection of new taste discoveries with this parent child relationship, the wide world of Sienna & Friends was created. The brand name encapsulated the brands main character and her desire to share the multitude of flavour adventures she’s collected during her journeys. Through travelling the world and making many friends along the way who also wished to share their inspiring recipes, this story forms the foundation of the product portfolio.

From adventurous spice-mixes to super tasty sauces, from surprising jams to comforting soups. This plus feel-good snacks, olive oils, healthy porridges and fun pastas. A world of aromas, textures, tastes and flavours, each with their unique origin and each accompanied by a playful friend.

Introducing the likes of Chica, Tomatina, Canella, Herbie and little Coco, Sienna and her many foodie friends create a playful community of fun loving characters to charm the hearts of parents and children everywhere.

Quatre Mains package design - sienna, friends, backpack, illustrations, branding
Quatre Mains package design - branding, children, foodie, cinnamom, portrait

Take a journey around the pack.

Our approach to the packaging identity was simple. Each product had a story to be told and a journey to be explored. Supporting the travel tag inspired branding and product info, we illustrated each design with delightful characters and invite consumers to travel around the pack, following a recipe trail of discovery. Product family diversity is balanced with branding unity, working together to provide a brand building platform that makes a real consumer connection and helps bring our clients dream to life.

“Every bite is a memory and the most powerful memories are the first ones.” 

More information & design on https://siennafriends.com/nl/


Quatre Mains package design - illustrations, children, family, coconut
Quatre Mains package design - tomato sauce, pasta, foodies


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