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Baking Mixes for Home Baking enthusiasts

Soezie is a long-established brand that offers a wide range of bread & pastry baking mixes, sold mainly in garden centers in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. This specifically traditional brand with somewhat an old-fashioned persona, realized the need for modernization and reinvigoration of their identity and packaging design. Looking to ride the wave of a booming home-baking trend, Soezie felt the need to refresh their overall image in order to meet the desires of this new target group whilst not alienating their current loyal consumers. Although Soezie products are locally produced and high in quality, their packaging design felt too mainstream, traditional, and outdated. Therefore, our new brand evolution needed to reflect and convey a greater emotional connection with consumers, that started with their brand baseline ‘The Taste of Happiness’. Soezie is after all a brand that puts a smile on your face and reminds you that real joy can be found in each baking moment. 

Quatre Mains package design - packaging, redesign, baking
Quatre Mains package design - mixes, butter, foil, printing, branding

We updated their branding by breathing life and energy into their brand device and logotype. Notably a beating heart and smiling underline helped the baseline emotionality to shine out. This addition of a heart-shape to the pack identity also facilitated structure to our layout and provided a platform for a packaging system that was required to differentiate clearly between all the ranges and individual products.

Quatre Mains package design - baking, logo, branding
Quatre Mains package design - before after, bio range
Quatre Mains package design - flour mixes, bread baking
Quatre Mains package design - brioche bread, mix, all in

This portfolio architecture accommodated bread mixes across All-In and Original mixes which were further sub-divided by ‘white’, ‘wholegrain’ and ‘with extra seeds’. Additionally, there were traditional and inspiration dessert mixes that also required their own design specifications. But in order to make the brand promise really come to life our studio team spent weeks baking bread and making desserts to craft a refreshingly modern approach to the often-traditional photography seen on shelf. The big product beauty shot not only creates appetite appeal, but also represents a clear photographic style applied to all ranges in a unifying manner. 

Here's to Soezie bringing smiles to little kitchens everywhere.

Quatre Mains package design - packaging design, quatre mains
Quatre Mains package design - photography, food styling, baking


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