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ALL GOOD by Julie's Lifestyle

You are what you eat

For a number of years now, the name of Julie Van den Kerchove and her Julie’s Lifestyle blog, has been long associated with the world of keto, raw and vegan based nutrition. This plant-based focused personality is well known for her recipe books, workshops and own products under the ‘All Good’ brand. This nutritious range of granola, crackers, cheesecake and other products was helping to pioneer the keto trend in Belgium and was therefore in need of an upgrade in order to help grow the brand further. 

Quatre Mains package design - branding, keto, premium taste, maximum pleasure
Quatre Mains package design - branding, quatre mains crackers

Seeing the opportunity to make an impact in the mass-retail market, we were asked to create a bold transition away from the low-key handmade approach towards something more impactful, professional and memorable. Noting the inherent strength within the ‘All Good’ branding and specifically their ‘A’ symbol, we decided to make this the hero of each pack and to put it to work to help support instant brand recognition and help guide consumers to their product. This bold device and its positive smile became a real eye-catcher, whilst we integrated photographic key ingredients per pack to help emphasize product characteristics and appetite appeal.

Quatre Mains package design - rosemary, crackers, peanut
Quatre Mains package design - cashew, chili, dates, crackers, nuts
Quatre Mains package design - courgette, zucchini, tomato, basil, oregano

A choice was also made to move away from the craft-paper approach to a rich and powerful colour palette designed to bring vitality into the identity whilst catering for a coding system to help signalise each product group. The information table at the bottom of the pack together with product window was then employed to display product benefits and shine a light on Julie herself, acting as the trustworthy endorser of this range, signing things off with her approval.

Looks good, tastes good, all good ;)

Quatre Mains package design - design, pouch
Quatre Mains package design - detail, packaging

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