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666 for Duvel Moortgat

It’s New, it’s Fresh, it’s Duvel 6,66%

An iconic brand like Duvel never stops innovating. So, thanks to evolving market trends and increasing pressure to diversify and attract new consumers to the brand, it was decided to introduce a new surprising member to the Duvel product portfolio.

With an ambition to deliver on the need for lower alcohol beer alternatives and to prove that Duvel has a slightly softer side, the 666 was born. Now only 6,66% alcohol instead of the regular 8,5%, this unique blend of 6 different hops delivered a smoothly subtle balance of expressive character and refreshing drinkability.

Quatre Mains package design - 666, beer, belgian

Our design challenge was whilst respecting and building on the iconic Duvel design assets, visualize impactful newness that expresses the 666 unique characteristics. Celebrating the brands rebellious side, it was decided to flip the white background from white to knock-out warm yellow and the Duvel ‘D’ from red to a crisp white. This in balance with the maintained Duvel red logotype, ensured a perfect balance between an unmissable first impression with the recognizable brand we know and love.

Quatre Mains package design - packaging, giftpack, outercase

This noticeably more diverse, side-step for Duvel is tailor made for a broader and younger target group and the products more easy-going character. Making this kind of brand stretch for a brand with the heritage Duvel has, is never a straight-forward task but thankfully one with ground-breaking rewards.

666 good reasons to give it a try ;)

Quatre Mains package design - glass, D, icon, devil
Quatre Mains package design - hop, drinking, alcohol
Quatre Mains package design - +18, packaging, branding
Quatre Mains package design - beer design

With thanks to Studio Peek for their gorgeous packshots and atmosphere photography.

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