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RESPECT for Kenyio

Happy Body, Happy Soul

‘Respect’ marks the second chapter in our relationship with Africa and naturally nutritious and respectfully sourced foods from Ghana. Knowing that happiness is the foundation of good health, the Respect brand is passionate about cultivating natures power in order to bring a nourishing energy for your body. To do this they created a range of organically grown, plant-based food supplements that makes nutrition easy. Be it a ‘Boabab’, ‘Moringa’ or ‘Acai’ based superfood, or a Detox or Beauty Boost; these innovative quality powders and shake mixes are all grown and harvested through socially responsible relationships with local famers.

Quatre Mains package design - respect, foil, pouch

To bring this brand to life we looked no further than the land of its origin, using a vibrant sun as the source of energy to make this brand shine. This premium bronze brand mark on a clean white background, carries with it the ‘Happy Body, Happy Soul’ baseline that captures the essence of the brand promise. Rising above a natural landscape the superfood world was grown out of a fresh and modern, natural visual language, bursting with goodness. Vibrant but caring, this family range expanded to incorporate an exploding identity for the ‘Boost’ supplements and a wave of tastiness for the ‘Shape & Control’ protein shakes.

Bringing the best of nature to consumers through impact and vitality was the mind-set that drove this design to the final result.

Quatre Mains package design - packaging branding, boosts
Quatre Mains package design - superfood, shakes, protein
Quatre Mains package design - açai, berry, burst
Quatre Mains package design - superfood, quatre mains, packaging
Quatre Mains package design - design, copper, spirulina
Quatre Mains package design - seaweed


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