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Energizing Multivitamins

Vibracell is an all-natural multivitamin food supplement made of cold pressed juices of carefully selected organic fruit, vegetables and plants. Together with other infused multivitamins, this energy and vitality boosting syrup was design to strengthen your body’s immunity and overall health.

Despite many successful years on the European market, the brand found itself lagging somewhat behind in comparison to other more modern and cutting-edge supplements. The category was becoming so saturated with competitors, it was time for an invigorating rejuvenation.

Quatre Mains package design - packaging, syrup, multivitamin

Key to our brief is the active vitality inherent in the product and the positive boost it gives to the body. Given full freedom to totally re-image the brand, we took it upon ourselves to literally bring this natural burst to pack by creating a glowing central natural symbol that resonates outwards with fruit and vegetable energy. On a crisp white background this natural illustrative explosion forms the visual glue that covers each pack and brings the identity together.

To help further bring the brands benefits to life we also composed a super fresh communication key visual that tells a vital visual story. 

The Best of Nature bottled for You.

Quatre Mains package design - design, carrot, beetroot, broccoli
Quatre Mains package design - logo, vibracell, branding
Quatre Mains package design - visual, key, burst, boost
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