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VALENTINE 2022 for Philip's Biscuits

Love is in the air

Not afraid to show our romantic side, and least of all during his years Valentines celebrations, it was up to us to set those hearts fluttering once again. This year’s theme was an ode to all you love-birds out there and the love-letters that are airmailed the world over. Pure and simple but oh so cute, an illustrative story of delightfully delicate birds, expressing their love for one another and helping to deliver those letters of love wherever they need to go. Using soft textures, metallic foil printing and those iconic airmail striped edges, we decorated each pack as if it was post ready to be mailed. We even created our own Philips Biscuits postal stamps for extra authenticity. So here’s hoping we’re melting hearts all over Belgium this year.

Kisses to all, Quatre Mains xxx

Quatre Mains package design - cloud, airmail
Quatre Mains package design - packaging design, box, cardboard
Quatre Mains package design - packaging, branding, pink, bird, valentine
Quatre Mains package design - love birds
Quatre Mains package design - pb, Antwerp, biscuits
Quatre Mains package design - stamp, post
Quatre Mains package design - mail, birds, hearts, packaging


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