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TADA! for Peritus Brands

I – 2 – 3 – Refresh!

Tired of repeat washing or clothes that are creased after wearing just once? Enter Tada! The miraculous range of laundry maintenance innovations engineered to relieve you of the stress and strains of clothes that just don’t look right.

Despite the refreshing power of these products, the Tada! design identity itself was in need of its own reinvigoration. With ambitions to increase from one product to a full range of solutions for both fabric and sneaker care, our client Peritus Brands desired a re-imaging of the brand that expressed values of modernity and quality that would drive the Tada! to connect with younger, more on-the-go consumers.

Quatre Mains package design - packaging, spray, refresh, tada!, peritus brands

Disconnecting completely with the past, we revamped just about everything. A universal blue brand blocking forms the backdrop for a stylish visual language built from iconic, stripped-down graphics each linked to the product’s essence and fluorescent colours that pop from the shelf. Fresh, powerful and to-the-point communication and an updated logo,Tada! has leapt forward into a modern world of fabric innovations.

Ignore me if you dare!

Quatre Mains package design - antistatic, clothes, wash
Quatre Mains package design - wrinkle free, refresh-up, crease free
Quatre Mains package design - 1,2,3, branding, packaging, quatre mains
Quatre Mains package design - before, after, tadaa, crease wrinkle free

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