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KOEN VAN MECHELEN for Philip's Biscuits

Our, in the meantime, ‘resident’ client Philips Biscuits knocked on our door for a new fun collab together with Belgian contemporary artist Koen Van Mechelen. Especially known for his Cosmopolitan Chicken Project and Labiomista in Genk, Van Mechelen puts biocultural diversity as a central theme throughout his art. Working together with scientists and experts with a variety of disciplines, Van Mechelen’s work grew out to be a symbol of connectivity between scientifical, political, philosophical and ethnical matters. 

‘Cosmogolem’ is one of his social projects that gives less fortunate children a voice and identity. Placing giant wooden ‘Golem’ statues across the world, as a symbol of children rights, Van Mechelen organizes creative workshops with local organizations in and around this statue. For their collab, Philips Biscuits briefed us on creating a desirable biscuit collection of which all profit supports ‘Academie Merksem’ - the very first childrens rights Academy – to build their own Cosmogolem. 

Quatre Mains package design - biscuits, baking
Quatre Mains package design - packaging, branding

At Quatre Mains, we’ve put our heads together on how we could translate this giant figure on pack and turn it into a collectable item.

While staying true to the Philips Biscuits brand identity colours, we’ve designed a costume made sleeve for the Cosmogolem speculoos and wrapped The Cosmogolem story around a tin. Next to that we created a special biscuit cutter so you can bake your own golem cookies at home.

Who would have thought that making art (well biscuits) would be so easy?

Quatre Mains package design - philips biscuits, cosmogolem
Quatre Mains package design - limited, world project
Quatre Mains package design - pb, antwerp, quatre mains

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