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Drink local, act global.

Oxfam Fair Trade is well known for their fair co-operation and trading with producers and farmers in the southern hemisphere. However they don’t always look south to form these partnerships. On this occasion Oxfam joined forces with master-brewer Pierre Delcoigne from the brewery and bottling facility ‘Brasserie des Légendes’. On the family farm of Oxfam’s newest partner, situated in a picturesque town around Ath, 100% Belgian barley is grown. The typical ground water of the region, low in nitrates and rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium, was the perfect base for brewing a range of Belgian Fairtrade specialty beers.

Juste is just.

Juste is the result of a perfect marriage between Belgian craftmanship and fair trade certified ingredients from the southern hemisphere: natural grown Belgian barley and hop with hints of organic Jasmin rice, cacao and quinoa.

Call to Action.

Our packaging design makes a clear statement. By calling through a megaphone we advocate loudly to make the right consumer choice and be proud to shout it out. Using bold colours and eye-catching typography, this knock-out design is designed to disrupt the shelves and grab your attention. A simple, straightforward approach that relates to the socially conscious and/or beer loving consumers of today.

Go fair and just taste!

Quatre Mains package design - blond, fairtrade, belgian, beer
Quatre Mains package design - packaging, quatre mains, labels, beer design
Quatre Mains package design - Brasserie des Légendes, Pierre Delcoigne, master brewer
Quatre Mains package design - tripel, triple, juste, beer design, bottle

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