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From Good to Great

On the 1st of December 2017, Quatre Mains participated in a Luca School of Arts learning session, together with the next generation of budding new designers. Several speakers shared their personal insights regarding various topics across graphic, digital, advertising, brand & packaging design. Our very own Patrick De Grande shared his thoughts about what ultimately, brand & packaging design can do for you, your brand and the product. Additionally, how it’s possible to bridge the gap between design work that is considered ‘good’ to work that you can proudly call ‘great’.

Below is a short summary of the presentation.

From Good to Great!

What does this mean? (in our words, for us)

As a design agency who’s been around for many years, in our experience, the difference between good and great design is a question of motivation, passion and nervousness. We tend to ask ourselves: Do we do it BIG or do we stay in bed? This helps to keep us motivated and our hearts beating for the design we love. We stay nervous because we care, if we were not anxious to succeed we wouldn’t care to fail. Plus, it’s always important to keep connecting the dots; between head and heart, between problems and solutions, between agency and client, etc.

How is it done? (what does it take)

We are not magicians, but magic does occur from mixing the right essential ingredients. The right characters, mixed with the right skills in the right environment, all driven with a certain hunger and a collective passion to achieve the same goals. We live in a creative world where everyone at Quatre Mains is part of everything we do. Finally, it’s imperative that we successfully and continuously identify the right creative opportunities with potential clients, brands, products and partners. These creative opportunities are where the leap between good to great is possible, this being said, only if the client is ready to take that leap with you!

What does it look like? (the proof in our pudding)

Great design needs to deliver on these promises; creating strong connections with the consumer/product experience - amplifying a brands distinctive uniqueness - daring to zig when others zag – be always on the look-out for the unexpected – treat each brand with equally excitement, there’s no such thing as a boring brief, dare the brand and client to dream and break beyond the borders of your pack, don’t let it constrain you.

For us GOOD to GREAT is:

  • An attitude, a mind-set, a goal.
  • The reason we get up in the morning.

It’s not always easy but for us it’s worth the effort. Not everything we do is great. We know this but we still keep on trying.

Quatre Mains package design - patrick de grande, for the road
Quatre Mains package design - great, good, presentation
Quatre Mains package design - beating heart, quatre mains
Quatre Mains package design - quatre mains, LUCA
Quatre Mains package design - quatre mains, LUCA
Quatre Mains package design - quatre mains, LUCA, zigzag




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