Meet the 'Pack'

Patrick Creative farmer Captain Enthusiasm, Defender, Embrace Ideas
Patrick - Captain Enthusiasm, Defender, Embrace Ideas
Creativity is not a competition. Be so good they can’t ignore you.
Els Mother hen The Original, Foodie, Jack of all trades
Els - The Original, Foodie, Jack of all trades
Every change is an opportunity for something wonderful.
Kobe Designer Creative rebel, More ideas than time, Loud mind
Kobe - Creative rebel, More ideas than time, Loud mind
You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.
Natalie Account manager Energetic, positive, driven, commit
Natalie - Energetic, positive, driven, commit
Always in for a good laugh and new ideas.
Sandra Account Director Enthusiasm, Focus, Empathy
Sandra - Enthusiasm, Focus, Empathy
Keep on dreaming, nice way to achieve your goals :-)
Hendrik Designer Analytic, Creativity, Perfectionistic
Hendrik - Analytic, Creativity, Perfectionistic
Nothing will work if you don’t believe in it.
Thomas Quality manager Multifunctional, Straightforward, Football addict
Thomas - Multifunctional, Straightforward, Football addict
Quality is a habit, do it right!
Katrien Designer Mindshaker, Detail Guard, Story Addicted
Katrien - Mindshaker, Detail Guard, Story Addicted
And now for something completely different ...
Joseph Creative Director Non-stop, Hungry, Creative
Joseph - Non-stop, Hungry, Creative
Do it big or stay in bed. When you design be sure to inspire yourself but don’t forget you’re communicating to others. In design; if no one gets it, then it never happened.
Ilse Account manager Punctual – Reliable - Driven
Ilse - Punctual – Reliable - Driven
The best way to get something done, is to begin.
Sara Designer Systematic, Simplicity Seeker, Swedish
Sara - Systematic, Simplicity Seeker, Swedish
The key to success is to start before you are ready.
Sandra D Photographer all black, observation, analog mind
Sandra D - all black, observation, analog mind
Don’t forget to play.
Stien Account Manager Ginger, the Office Radio, Passionate
Stien - Ginger, the Office Radio, Passionate
Stay hungry, stay foolish.

This is us...

When four hands come together, their sum breaks down all barriers. Grown from a love affair for Packaging Design and each other, the harmonious duet of Els and Patrick gave birth to Quatre Mains. This spirit of collaboration formed a passionate, award winning agency situated in the quaint Belgian countryside who’s desire to welcome, nurture and enjoy all creative challenges, beats at the heart of why we all get up in the morning. With a big helping hand we look to mold and knead creativity into impactful solutions and visions for our clients and partners.

Brand & Packaging Design is a relentless pursuit of uniqueness and excellence which aspires to bring real meaning to the lives of consumers whilst operating in a retail world that is forever twisting and turning. If it’s for brand owners, producers, distributors or private labels, we embrace what we love for those we love the most. Be it a local, artisanal goats cheese, or a family of historical abbey beers, a range of professional hair care products, or complete portfolio identity for an organic food provider or mineral water brand. Whatever the challenge, big or small, we give it our all. Combining an intuitive gut with an inquisitive mind, we love to be engaged in all aspects of the lives of our brands, from upstream strategic storytelling or brand inception to downstream identity roll-out and printed perfection. Being an ‘all the way’, loving bed fellow to our brands sounds kind of kinky but without that curiosity and commitment we could never deliver that standard of understanding and influence that this hands-on approach promises. 

This drive and creative courage is shared throughout our eclectic team of like-minded QM’ers. From a roller derby queen to a trekking mountaineer, passionate foodie freak or dance fanatic, voracious illustrator to screen printing tri-athlete. This odd bunch of conflicting characters forms a melting pot of wildly differentiating interest and talents that somehow gels into a tribe and culture, perfect for cultivating the diversity of creative design results our multiple clients require. The goal is always to go that one step further, to settle not only for good design but fight harder for something great. Sounds difficult and to be honest it’s kind of exhausting but that doesn’t stop us trying. If you don’t aim to do it big, then you might as well stay in bed.

‘Right-the-first-time’ quality is also the high bar we work hard to leap over every time our designs are ready for print. Not only do we pride ourselves on outstanding creativity but if it doesn’t rock those shelves thanks to top-of-the-class printed results, we’re not doing our jobs properly. The proof of the pudding is always in the eating and if we don’t deliver here then our clients won’t come back for a second helping. Packman is the print guru arm of the Quatre Mains team, providing the dedication, in-depth knowledge and obsessive eye for detail required to make that leap every time.

So this is us, in a nutshell, packaged oh so sweetly. A bunch of ready-to-rumble packaging obsessed brand designers, tucked away in a train station and cozy little hotel in the middle of nowhere but with our collective fingers continuously on the pulse of this worldwide business we love.

Quatre Mains package design -
Quatre Mains package design - quatre mains, team


You will find us at an inspiring location in the garden of Brussels.

Quatre Mains package design - station, donk, illustratie, Train, Creativity


Some of our clients


Quatre Mains package design - brands, clients, quatremains

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