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SOY SAUCE 'MAIKO' by Lima - Silver Pentaward

Limited edition of authentically fermented Japanese Tamari soy sauce.

Lima wanted to celebrate their 50 years of experience, as an innovative pioneer in qualitative organic food, with a limited edition of authentic Tamari soy sauce.

Quatre Mains package design - Chinese, Lima, Packaging

Make it adorable and authentic, think creative and go for a strong impact! With this compact briefing we started working. And we were never more convinced of the strong result! We just dressed the elegant bottle as a Japanese geisha in her original costume with the playful form of the cap as an original Japanese hat. The design embodies the authenticity of the pure Japanese culture in a harmonious and creative way.

Quatre Mains package design - Close up, Botle, Lima, Branding

Moreover, we succeeded to make a perfect match between design and shape. Frivoulous into every detail, styled with a spontaneous smile, the design fits like a glove onto the well curved bottle. We were all in love with her, so we called her ‘Maiko’, as a tribute to all geisha’s.

A great story on shelf, ownable and incomparable as a humble hostess on your dining table, ready to serve all your favorite dishes. And... she’s so lovely when she smiles!

Quatre Mains package design - Packshot, Lima, Soy Sauce, Tamarin


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