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Rebranding Stoffels

The Stoffels Tomato Plantation was first founded more than 20 years ago, growing today into one of the most modern tomato production companies in Belgium. They strive to be a company who has an honest and approachable character. In recent years they’ve maintained an innovative approach to sustainable tomato production. Stoffels is a company that works with passion and determination, pushing their boundaries daily in order to create new standards and improve current practices. Their core priorities of originality and innovation are an irrevocable part of their DNA.

Over a number of years, Quatre Mains has worked to develop a brand new branding, corporate identity and packaging design for Stoffels. We felt the need to illustrate their strengths and uniqueness as tomato growers into a intriguing visual story. We cultivated a flexible organic ‘plant-element’ to which we could add every important asset, both online, offline as well as in packaging communication.

Quatre Mains package design - stoffel, naturally, taste, tomaten
Quatre Mains package design - guirlande, stoffels, quatre mains

The Stoffels brand works more as a quality label rather than a mother brand. Being copied throughout the years it’s a confirmation of their originality and trueness. Within their assortment, there is a wide diversity in tomatoes, which all have their own specific flavours, shapes and usability.

To highlight each tomato’s unique identity and purpose we created new sub brand identities such as; TOMA’DOR, the king of tomatoes; TOMA’RITO, a Mediterranean flavoured mini plum tomato, TOMA’GUSTO, a true taste tomato, … Each reinforcing our new universal Stoffels corporate identity whilst highlighting their own unique characteristics.

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