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The Best Biscuits in Town

Philip’s Biscuits is a premium artisan biscuit bakery located in the heart of the Belgian ‘Koekenstad’ of Antwerp. Their dream began many years ago by creating an honest yet inspirational, artisanal biscuit. Their creative spirit displayed how experimenting with all kinds of flavours and traditional methods could give birth to an honestly delicious biscuit – no frills, no fuss, just really, really good.

Our client was ready to revamp their out-dated biscuit identity by introducing a modern but timeless branding and packaging design.

Important was to create a design that not only put the brand on the map but was translatable from regular daily packaging solutions to seasonally inspired special gifts. With a desire to export their biscuits outside Europe, the importance of their ‘Antwerp’ or ‘Belgium’ heritage, was something to pay attention to.

Made in Antwerp

For the new branding, our source of inspiration was the city of Antwerp, as the original flagship store is located at the foot of Antwerp’s well known cathedral, Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal. We created a quality seal emblem with strong initials and a contemporary colour combination that glues the identity into a coherent family. The iconic cathedral tower and its linear illustration style provided a unique design language that was extended throughout the entire identity. Adding decorative patterns to this clean design added both modernity and a true classical elegance. As our client is looking to open additional stores across the country, we hope to spot those classy Philip’s Biscuits shopping bags in the streets of Belgium.


Quatre Mains package design - philips biscuits, rebranding, packaging, antwerpen
Quatre Mains package design - tins, antwerp biscuits, handjes, koekjes
Quatre Mains package design - blauw, bordeaux, blikken ballotins, philips biscuits
Quatre Mains package design - folie, antwerpse handjes, pb
Quatre Mains package design - koekjes, artisanaal
Quatre Mains package design - huisjes, antwerpen skyline, philips biscuits


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