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Breydel, oven baked ham & bacon

Taste the Enjoyment!

Since its humble origins, born out of a honest and hardworking butchers shop and father & son partnership in the heart of Belgium, the Breydel brand and its expertise in cured ham and bacon, has grown into a much loved and enjoyed aspect of local Belgian culture. Renowned throughout the country for its quality and unique recipe, the Breydel brand has cultivated a close and respectful relationship with its consumers, the local surrounding communities and the land.

Although the popularity of the brand was unquestioned, its branding and packaging design lacked the assets needed to reflect their true values and the quality of their products. Time to reawaken the brand within Breydel, time to put the packaging to work.

Quatre Mains package design - quatre mains, breydel, belgium

A modern brand with traditional values.

Simply put, our client required a branding and packaging identity that reminds consumers of the warmth and familiarity of the traditional community butcher, coupled with a modern attitude towards animal welfare and a respect for the land. A brand with passion which forms long lasting connections with the people it comes in contact with.

Our approach began with reconnecting consumers with Breydel through the branding. We decided to purposefully associate the logo with a ‘Breydel red’ seal of trusted quality whilst making use of the iconic ‘B’ as a window through to the product. The ‘fresh from the butchers’, warm craft wrapping paper, induces a feeling of familiar authenticity, with quaint, patterned illustrations depicting the story behind the products making.

Beyond the impact the pack makes within the category, our client now also benefits from the design assets they now have at their disposal to help strengthen their brand online and elsewhere.

From honest beginnings to a sustainable future, Breydel keeps on giving.


Quatre Mains package design - craft, green, vleesbrood, mosterd
Quatre Mains package design - ham, breydelham, quatre mains
Quatre Mains package design - before, after, ham, packaging




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