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MOME by Chocolait

Sweet Moments of Make Believe

Born in the historic city of Bruges, Choc-o-lait is a world renowned Belgian chocolate brand, being the original inventor of the now universally famous ‘hot chocolate on a stick’. While their ‘hot chocolate on a stick’ became an icon over the years, Choc-o-lait evolved into a brand with additional product ranges and sub brands such as ‘Spoon’, developed especially for restaurants, bars and cafes; Mammatus, a range of handmade marshmallows; and chocolate lollipops such as ‘Choc-Up’.

Our client challenged us to create a clearly defined brand strategy & packaging identity for this ever growing brand. We seized this opportunity to restore brand awareness whilst combining all product ranges into one recognisable family. Time to tell a real story that matches the brands ambitions and makes a true emotional connection with consumers.

After analysing the brand and its entire current and prospective product portfolio, we felt the need to create a new mother brand to tie the full experience together. ‘Choc-o-lait’, more simply a product descriptor, no longer covered what was required.

Quatre Mains package design - chocolait, mome, rebranding, quatre mains

So, MoMe was born! A brand that strives to treasure a memorable experience that warms the heart and delights the senses. That brings delicious creations with the charm to bring people together and sparkle with surprising moments you won’t forget. MoMe stands for more me-time and more never-ending memories. 

Never too old

Along with the new brand name, a new logo and brand story shortly followed. A MoMe moment is never losing your brightest smile while drinking a warm and creamy hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. It’s about those timeless and delicious childhood memories that everybody shares. Our new branding symbolises our inner child and captures those precious little moments of joy. A playful, dynamic mascot brings this brand characteristic to life and looks to make that emotional connection we all share.

Playful packaging

All MoMe products are indulgent sweet delights to treat yourself and others. Therefore, we added a little fun to the packaging by creating a flexible and playful branding and by using joyful colours. Our MoMe heart shaped balloon with mascot is the eye catcher on every pack and glues all products into one recognisable family.

Quatre Mains package design - raspberry, fluffy, mome, quatre mains
Quatre Mains package design - coconut, marshmallow, restyling, packaging
Quatre Mains package design - chocolate on a stick, cube, treats
Quatre Mains package design - marshmallows, chocolate, mome, mo-me, rebranding

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