Quatre Mains package design - Package design Action Paint, Jules Destrooper, Dominique Persoone
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LIMITED ANNIVERSARY EDITION by Jules Destrooper - Golden Pentaward

Last year Jules Destrooper celebrated their 130th anniversary, wow!

Last year Jules Destrooper the Master Biscuitier, celebrated their 130th anniversary. For this truly momentous anniversary event they wished to create a unique limited edition gift to show their appreciation to all their many employees, clients and partners.

It was our goal to showcase the product and the limited edition packaging as both true works of art. In order to do this our design team chose to collaborate with well-known Belgian Chocolatier Dominique Persoone to hand paint in an action style a limited selection of only 1000 packs. In this manner we guaranteed that each individual pack was unique and came with their own identification number.

To match our boxes with the product within, we asked Dominique Persoone to translate our conceptual design onto Jules Destroopers most iconic biscuit. The result is a white chocolate covered biscuit with yellow, black and red paint sprinkles, the Belgian national colours. This resulting in truly unique creative limited edition experience with no two biscuits or packs being the same.

Watch the video above to see more.

Quatre Mains package design - Quatre Mains, 130 years, Event
Quatre Mains package design - action paint, jules destooper
Quatre Mains package design - Dominique Person, biscuits, Boterwafel


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