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HAUTE CONFITURE by Callas Confiture

Handmade Haute Confiture

Karen Depoorter, the founder of Callas Confiture, discovered her love for jam and marmalades whilst running her own B&B and harvesting fresh strawberries from her own garden in order to delight her guests at breakfast. She soon discovered that she wasn’t a fan of supermarket jam, this classic breakfast ingredient that was often too sugary or jelly-like, in short: too artificial.

Karen felt her creativity bubbling to the surface and went in search for genuine fruity tastes and original recipes to turn this product into anything but common and bland.

Callas Confiture, a real Haute Couture Confiture, was born and her ongoing search for quality, originality and inspiring taste combinations hasn’t stopped since. Callas Confiture stands for fresh, ‘high fruit content’ jams and conserves with no preservatives and modest ( or even no ) sugar content to bring out and highlight the real fruit flavours. Crafted with culinary passion for the discerning confiture connoisseur.

Quatre Mains package design - Packaging, Callas, Confiture, Rabarber, Rebranding, Puur
Quatre Mains package design - Packaging, Callas, Confiture, Bosvruchten, Rebranding, Puur
Quatre Mains package design - Packaging, Callas, Sinaasappel, Confiture, Patroon, Puur

Today the Callas products can be found in both deli shops and online retail as two separate brands with two different looks and price positions.

To unify and strengthen the brand we unified the family under one strong brand, Callas Confiture. In order to maintain the necessary differentiation, we created a ​mainstream look for the mono-fruit references alongside a more premium look for the high-end multi-fruit combinations.

The result is timeless and classic design that looks to confirm a luxury culinary status within the world of jams and conserves. The use of metallic copper and inspirational illustrations symbolize both Karen’s creativity and eye for quality and style. Our design approach needed to reflect this and the surprising combination of ingredients such as: apple-caramel-calvados, mango-cardamom, or raspberry-orange blossom.

Only the best will do for a brand whose creations are perfect for the breakfast table, a five-star hotel and a chefs finishing touch.

Pure Class.

Quatre Mains package design - Premium, Koper, Mango, Cardemom, Callas



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