Quatre Mains package design - Package design andes, chocolade, belgian, praline
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BELGIAN BRILLIANTS by Andes Chocolatier

Pure Belgian Brilliance

Andes Chocolatier from Puurs in Belgium has been finely crafting pralines and chocolate creations for over 20 years, priding themselves on unique tailor made products of the upmost premium quality. To further illustrate their expertise they wished to make a statement through the launch of diamond shaped pralines and chocolate tablets. Additional to the diamond shape, the pralines would be speckled with gold sparkles and filled with exotic flavours and the tablet facets formed with both dark and milk chocolate.

Quatre Mains package design - diamond, luxury, chocolate, belgian brilliants
Quatre Mains package design - quatre mains, premium, andes, belgian

‘From Africa to Antwerp’

Specifically positioned for the travel-retail, premium gifting market, we were required to not only develop the packaging identity but also the brand name and consumer intuitive product story. With diamonds as inspiration, the Belgian Brilliants were born, telling a tale that links their African origins to Antwerp, as well as being also the source of the cocoa beans themselves. Antwerp, a city who prides itself on its diamond heritage, combined with the finest cocoa from Africa, brought to you through the world famous quality of Belgian chocolate.

Quatre Mains package design - antwerp, antwerpen, diamond cut, detail

‘Diamonds are Forever’

True to a diamonds pristine nature our packaging identity was required to convey a feeling of sophisticated premium quality. Based on a diamond case jewelry box idea, each pack displayed refined gold foil detailing, supporting a story inspired link between the product and its origins. From a diamond icon to cocoa beans, from cutter ship to the tower of Antwerp, this gold line connects all storytelling elements together, along with the Belgian Brilliance branding itself. All product photography was conducted in-house and treated with the same dedication and professional eye for detail as the packaging design.

A harmonious merge of product and story, of brand and design.

Just Brilliant!

Quatre Mains package design - andes, african chocolate
Quatre Mains package design - packaging, design, box, quatre mains
Quatre Mains package design - pralines, premium, cocoa


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