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ADVOKAAT for Filliers

Secret family recipe, Belgian Classic

Taking a trip down to memory lane with this creamy Belgian classic! Launched in the 1960's by the 3rd generation of Filliers distillers, their family’s secret advokaat recipe had remained almost unchanged, much like the packaging design itself.

Despite its old fashioned perception, Advokaat remains a strong member of the Filliers product portfolio whose design was required to match the premium trusted quality of the rest of their range. In 2017 Filliers Advokaat was recognized as a certified regional product, high time to give this unique classic the charisma it deserves.

Quatre Mains package design - before after, packaging design, quatre mains
Quatre Mains package design - filliers, weck, black dress, branding
Quatre Mains package design - gold foil, distillery
Quatre Mains package design - restyling, egg liquor, filliers, quatre mains
Quatre Mains package design - packaging, black, gold

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