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The QM Garden - A Behind the Scenes

This year the Easter Bunny surprised the QM-pack with some special eggs.
Not chocolates no, but vegetable eggs. You say “vegetables what!?”
Yes indeed, our ever creative mother hen made us some baskets with soil & seeds filled eggshells.

Quatre Mains package design -

Hallelujah for every green-fingered (or less green-fingered QM member). Little by little the seeds grew by giving them the water, care and the love they needed. After a while it was time to break the eggshells and plant our little vegetable plants in pots and packs. Yes packs!! Where they could blossom and grow.

Quatre Mains package design -

Before summer, it was time to take our little plants outside and move the seedlings (at home or) into the QM-garden. We learned more about how to nurture our garden and step by step our little baby-plants became adults.

Quatre Mains package design -

And then, finally! It was time to harvest our delicious basil, cucumbers, tomatoes, cherry-tomatoes, peppers and butternuts.

#hashtag Gardening skills on point!

Quatre Mains package design -

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