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Quatre Mains Breakfast'ival

Welcome to the middle of nowhere ;)

As a way of celebrating the love-connection we have with our clients and a tribute to their trust and loyalty, we organized an inspirational breakfast festival or should we say ‘Breakfast’ival’, to bring us all together. With an exclusive 80 ticket limited capacity, the festival was sold-out in a blink of an eye. And never wishing to do anything by halves, we took this opportunity to make a real event of this occasion by inviting industry expert speakers of international renown to catapult our breakfast get-together into a real festival experience.

Beautifully in-tune with our remote location somewhere in Flanders fields, an old-style barn was erected for our visitors, together with hay bales, wildflowers, and our very own farm cockerel. Together with top quality happy-barista coffee and delicious breakfast based on local products from the region, everyone was welcomed under one roof, ready for the speakers to take the stage. First up was Fons van Dyck, a well-known marketing guru here in Belgium, University Professor, and respected author, offering insights and perspectives into the universal pressures and strains we’re all feeling in the world today and how the future offers hope for better times to come. This was followed by our good friend and fellow EPDA member Uwe Melichar, who came to share his expert, in-depth insights into innovations in the world of sustainable packaging and how to keep on-top of an ever-evolving business. And to close out the festival, our focus moved to outstanding creativity and excellence in packaging design thanks to Pentawards Head Adam Ryan, with his personal eye on emerging trends, keeping us abreast of what’s moving and shaking in our industry now and tomorrow.

With heads full of inspiration and insights we then decided in true Belgian fashion to ensure the bellies were also filled with a delicious lunch and refreshments. What better way to round off a morning’s out-of-office experience by offering a toast to friends and relaxing over a bite to eat. This kind of experience also offers us yet again evidence of how proud we are of our team at Quatre Mains and how bright the future can be. So thanks to all who attended and worked hard to make it happen, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Quatre Mains package design -
Quatre Mains package design -
Quatre Mains package design -

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