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QM throwback to 2021

2022! A new year has entered. Time for a good old throwback!

Quatre Mains package design -

January: Three Kings Cake
To be honest, we don’t quite remember which lucky QM’r discovered the prize and got to be King or Queen for the day but, we got the cake right ;-)

February: QM Studio @ work
It was all hands-on deck during February in the QM Studio. While our stylist Vicky shook flour out of her hair while baking bread and desserts, our photographer Sandra was moving lights and clicking cameras to make the most sumptuous beauty shots for an extensive home baking range for Soezie.

March: Who is ‘de Mol’
Each week our brains were working in overdrive, trying to uncover who ‘De Mol’ was. Not a lot else was talked about during our lunch breaks. So, to help spice things up, after each episode we got to nominate our ‘Mol’. Patrick seemed to be right from the beginning! Now who indeed was the real Mol!

April: Easter Bunny. Baking delivery at home
This year the Easter bunny came to our homes with a delicious pack of Niamh baking mixes.  So, we rolled up our sleeves to bake our own Easter Brunch or Desserts.

Quatre Mains package design -

May: Lambing Season
In May two new members joined our Team. Little lambs Wizzy and Woppy have been mowing the lawn ever since.

June: Patrick B-day Treat
As we were all still working from home, Patrick decided to treat us with a healthy Jeroen Meus / Foodmaker meal-kit to keep us active and healthy.

June: Quiizzz-time
In June, our youngest designer, Sarah surprised us with a “How well do you know your colleagues”-quiz. A nice way to get to know our co-workers better and share some juicy secrets.

August: New Life
In August two QM babies were born! Not long after, Janne and Aurelie stopped by at Donk to say their first Hi!

Quatre Mains package design -

September: Pentawards
We won again! Two prestigious bronze Pentawards for Balance Chocolate and Turtle Granola are added to our collection. Unsurprisingly a little celebration was thrown together to help celebrate those good times.

October: Empack Fair
In October Sandra & Natalie, aka QM’s perfect match, lay down our train tracks to new contacts during the Empack Fair in Mechelen, whilst Joe presents a little QM design story to interested visitors. 

November: 20 Years Kobe!
Holy Shit! It’s been 20 years since Kobe had his first day at the QM station. Hands up for our most resident/loyal/battle-hardened designer. Respect!

December: Winter Walk
Omikron Yes! Christmas Party No! But a true QM’r is creative so we scored some fresh late December air on our fun quiz walk. With each kilometer we were given a question to try and find out which celebrity was pinned to our backs. And then to round things off we got cozy around the firepit for a hotdog and soup.



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