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QM Throwback to 2020

2020 went by so quick, time to highlight the joyful, positive moments we did have, despite this weird year!

One of our biggest highlights was the 2020 Pentawards Ceremony, due to Corona held in Donk with the entire QM Team. Amongst the showcased 2,000 entries from more than 60 countries, we were able to bring home as the only Belgian design agency, 2 shiny new Pentawards!

Watch our other 2020 highlights here...

Quatre Mains package design -

January: New Year’s Breakfast
Every 2nd of January we love to start the new year with a bang. Our Mother Hen, Els, dishes up a delicious breakfast for us all where we chit chat about the last 12 months and contemplate the year yet to come.

February: Tournée Minérale
In February our inhouse flavour master Els took the opportunity to mix & match some of our own clients products to create funky QM Style mocktails. Every week we launched a new Mocktail recipe on our socials, to help & support people through their alcohol-free month.

March: QM First Lockdown Zoom
Like every working body on this planet we discovered Zoom! Sloppy-Chic dresscode, Check. Share Screen fails, Check. Too many people talking together, Check. But also check on all the efforts that were made for being able to work from home and for keeping everyone of the QM Pack safe and Corona free the entire year!

April: Easter Bunny Drop
This year the Easter Bunny surprised us with some special eggs. Not chocolates no, but vegetable eggs. You say “vegetables what!?” Yes indeed, each and everyone of us received a basket with soil & seeds filled eggshells. Keeping our gardening skills on point!

Quatre Mains package design -

May: Welcome Yann
In full lockdown, motorcruising the highway from Paris straight to Donk, Yann arrived at the station. Luckily this baguette loving optimist with experience in branding, is always on the look out for 'l’Extra dans l’Ordinaire. We are sure he'll get the QM experience when things turn back to normal.

June: Exit Lockdown Lunch
In June, we all came back to the office and celebrated our (temporarily) freedom with an Exit Lockdown Lunch in the sun, with 1,5m distance. No mouthmasks needed yet!

July: Garden of Brussels
The Easter Bunny should be proud! Our baby seeds grew out to be pumpkins, tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers and more!

August: Cheesy Afterwork!
At Quatre Mains we used to celebrate birthdays ;-) This one slipped in right between lockdowns. Sandra D. and Stien treated us with a Wine and Cheese afterwork. One of the few after work occasions of 2021.

Quatre Mains package design -

September: Welcome Sarah aka Saar
Fresh from the school benches, after a fruitful internship last april. We are happy this DIY loving, super motivated creative joined the crew. Note: We call her Saar because Sara was already taken ;-).

October: Designers Training
In October all the designers participated in a, Corona postponed, Typographics training. Our Illustrator / Photoshop skills are back on point!

November: Get Better Soon Els
In the history of QM, 2020 will be the year of the broken wrists. After Hilde breaking her wrist in July, Els tripped crossing the road between our buildings and broke her wrist as well. One month later sporty spice Kobe fell of his mountainbike and got a cast as well. Temporarily handicaped persons at QM are provided with personalised gifts! 

December: Christmas Bingo
This year Sinterklaas and Santa Claus worked together. Since we could not have our annual Christmas party, Els and Patrick organized a Christmas Bingo to spoil the ones that have been good with gifts!

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