Quatre Mains package design - throwback, quatre mains, team
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QM throwback to 2019

2020 has arrived! Time for a little, good old throwback.

Watch our 2019 highlights here...


Quatre Mains package design - throwback, quatre mains, team

January: New Year’s Breakfast
Every 2nd of January we love to start the new year with a bang. Our Mother Hen, Els, dishes up a delicious breakfast for us all where we chit chat about the last 12 months and contemplate the year yet to come.

February: Welcome Gladys
February saw a powerful addition to our creative family. Fresh from the Luca masters graduate school of packaging excellence, via healthy stop-off in the Gent horeca nightlife, arrived Gladys to infuse the team with her positive energy and ever changing wardrobe.

March: IFE London + storecheck
This March the whole QM team boarded a train for an inspirational research trip to London, taking in the IFE Fair and the sights and sounds of the fast-moving UK retail world. To spice things up we all chose keywords at random to help focus our own unique findings.

April: Easter Hide & Seek
This Easter the Easter Bells kindly flew over our office to deliver their chocolatey goodness. Each QM member received a playful pair of bunny ears with which to hunt the eggs hiding in our garden. What a way to start the Spring.

Quatre Mains package design - epda, fatty fridays

May: Pentawards Jury
Yet again, Patrick our Creative Farmer was asked to be part of the prestigious Pentawards Jury. Together with other top professionals in the sector, they’ll help decide which nominees would become the winners of these world-renowned packaging awards.

June: EPDA Vienna
Quatre Mains is also member of the EPDA packaging organisation. Every year we attend inspiring conferences all over the world. June last year, our founders Els & Patrick, together with the other EPDA-members, gathered together in Vienna for some work & play.

July: Fatty Friday
Fries on a Friday, that’s the whole concept of Fatty Friday: the Fridays most QM’rs love the most. Just like in July when we all gathered together to enjoy the best of Belgian food. Fries and friends ;)

August: Welcome Stien!
In August, we welcomed a new colleague to the Quatre Mains account-team: Stien, a passionate ginger who loves to sing along to music in the office and with never-ending optimism is a much appreciated addition to our team.

Quatre Mains package design - smile safari, sinterklaas

September: US by night
In September, the Quatre Mains design team went digging for inspiration at one of the most creative festivals in Europe. And they found it!

October: Packaging Innovations
In October we participated at the Packaging Innovations Fair in Mechelen. With our creative railway station booth, we showcased for visitors the best of our work and invited them to drop by to a chat about the future of their brand & packaging design.

November: Smile Safari
On a not so rainy Friday in November, the Quatre Mains design team went to Brussels to work on our social media ‘likes’ at the Instagram inspired Smile Safari whilst taking in the Moma design museum on the way home.

December: Sinterklaas Christmas Party
To end the year in the same festive manner as we started, a Christmas Office Party was planned. In Belgium the festive season starts on the 6th of December when a very special visitor, Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet knocked on our door to see if we’ve been good kids this year.


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