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EPDA Valencia 2023

Hola inspiración.

Searching for sun, sea, togetherness, and creative inspiration, we set off together for wonderful Valencia and the EPDA Conference for September 2023. A fun filled weekend packed with insights, experiences, and thought-provoking ideas to enlighten our mindset and grow our design team and community.

Situated in the multi-faceted and culturally diverse city of Valencia in Spain, we were immediately dropped into a world of jaw-droppingly beautiful architecture, richly intense heritage, and gorgeous creativity. With the EPDA conference at the heart of our visit, we were treated to a catalogue of intriguing talks, from a wide range of creative explorers such as ourselves. From local design legends in the thriving Valencia design industry, to experts in sustainability practices, to thought leaders in design psychology, immersive experience motion designers and aerial photographers. Notably the emergent phenomenon of AI was a dominant topic of discussion, with the entire industry wrestling with or enthusiastically embracing it’s potential. An enriching experience that keeps us thinking and engaging with our design colleagues and allies across Europe.

Let loose across the city, we dove into the streets to enjoy the rest of what this city has to offer. This included an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes of one of Valencia’s proudest and most creative traditions. The world famous Fallas Festival takes place across five explosive days in March where the spectacular sculptured monuments are displayed for millions of visitors and ceremoniously burned as the event closes. But before this happens, multiple neighborhood groups ( Casal Faller ) create and construct these monstrous statues in warehouses in a secluded district out of town. It was here that we were treated to studio visit that we’ll never forget and have come away with enormous respect for the creative teamwork needed to make this festival a reality.

Closing the weekend with beautifully intense and passionate Flamenco performance and knock-out team dinner, we were really blown away by the passion and power of this truly memorable city

Quatre Mains package design -
Quatre Mains package design -
Quatre Mains package design -

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