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Mylène's first basic & beauty care products launched in a refreshing redesign

Quatre Mains was asked to recreate the Mylène brand whilst re-imaging and streamlining the Mylène packaging architecture and identity. We felt we needed to re-establish and reinvigorate a meaningful emotional link between the consumers and the Mylène brand. Mylene required an inspiring creative platform from which to grow from, that reflects a modern and innovative brand character.

To add clarity to the wide range of Mylène products we felt the need to create a general structure. 
This structure is broken down into 4 main subcategories;

Mylène Essentials. All basic and beauty care products.
Mylène Originals. Mylène’s famous iconic product range where it all began.
Mylène Home. All cleaning and care products for in and around your home.
Mylène Inspirationals. Limited Edition ranges inspired by seasons and trends.

The first two product groups we redesigned for the Mylène Essentials were the Sun and Anti-aging ranges. All Mylène Esentials have a basic, pure design with a selection of separate ranges requiring a little more differentiation. The new main architecture focuses on the Mylène brand and the 'drop of wonder'.

To both Sun and Anti-aging ranges we added a typical colour coding. Yellow for all sun care products, blue for the aftersun. The purple color was reused from the current packaging for the anti-aging products. We used the colours inverted to highlight the difference between night & day care products. As both ranges are higher priced we added silver or gold hotfoil as a confirmation of quality. 

You can find more information about this project under our topic 'Mylène rebranding'.


Quatre Mains package design - yellow, redesign, packaging
Quatre Mains package design - aftersun, mylène, quatre mains
Quatre Mains package design - beauty, care, mylène
Quatre Mains package design - anti-aging, Mylène, beauty
Quatre Mains package design - care, retinol, night&day

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