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Noyen, restyling traditional sausages.

Taste and Tradition!

After 4 generations of family traditions within the world of authentic Belgian butchers, the Noyen brand was ready for the next stage in their evolution. Their passion for locally produced, delicious sausage products combined with an honest sustainable mind-set, inspired a new approach to brand communication and of course their packaging. Wishing to further support their values of love, care and respect for their traditional craftsmanship and for the animals, the Noyen family required a packaging design that reflected this story.

Quatre Mains package design - pensen, bloedworst, witte pens, verpakking

Sustainable, Local, Transparent.

This identity restyling focussed on bringing the brand story to life through the pack. Using recyclable kraft paper, in context photography and quality seal, the real Noyen brand quality began to shine. True to their values of sustainable care for their animals we decided to use the photography in order to display a human side and put a face to the real people who work behind the scenes for Noyen. The traditional, illustration based, breeding guarantee in combination with a sophisticated black & white colour palette, helps convey a feeling of trustworthy quality.

This honest approach, working in harmony with this delicious product, was all that was needed in order to open consumers to the values behind this much loved brand.

Quatre Mains package design - varken, illustratief, craft, kraft
Quatre Mains package design - sleeve, papier, packaging, quatre mains
Quatre Mains package design - noyen, meat, craft paper look
Quatre Mains package design - noyen, focus advertising, farm

Images Zwalmbeekhoeve: Piet De Kersgieter for Focus Advertising

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