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NOADD by Belkorn

Belkorn, Noadd Fruit Snacking Bars

Absolutely NO ADDitives required!

Since 1965, this Belgian family-owned biscuit company Belkorn has been baking delicious full flavour biscuits, without any preservatives, artificial flavouring or colouring. By using unrefined natural ingredients, Belkorn’s biscuits are rich in fibres and minerals, with all the important nutritional elements retained.

Our client wished to introduce a new range of healthy biscuits in the snacking category. These organic fruit filled biscuits are the perfect alternative to a traditional fruit bar and the first organic fruit filled biscuits on the market. These high-fibre biscuits are both vegetarian and vegan and use apple juice for a sweetener instead of sugar. We were required to create an unforgettable brand name, branding and of course powerful packaging design to help showcase this on-the-go, healthier alternative.

Finding the sweet spot in a competitive market.

Our starting point was the product’s outstanding USPs and what sets this bar apart from its competitors. Being organic, natural, and with a noticeably high fruit content, this "free from" bar needed a name that got straight to the point. Suited for an international market, ‘Noadd’ = no additives, was born. 

Supported by its ‘No Additives, No Worries’ baseline the Noadd branding statement dominates the pack, bring its message loud and clear. Suited for the organic, natural market, the craft paper background and fresh fruit visuals borrow the relevant codes of the category most associated with healthier alternatives. Not taking themselves too seriously both branding and fruit faces come with a wink and a smile, emphasizing the brands easy going and positive vibe. From single bar foil packs to carton shelf ready packaging our packaging identity help put this new fresh face out there.

Quatre Mains package design - NoAdd, fruti bar, vegan, quatre mains
Quatre Mains package design - snackbar, apple, red fruits, kraft, packaging
Quatre Mains package design - branding, free from, quatre mains, belkorn
Quatre Mains package design - no add, fruit, no worries



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