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MARSEL by Zoutman

Over 20 years of specialised experience in salt.

Zoutman is an independent Belgian family firm, specialised in producing and processing (sea) salt. For a specific retail range ‘Marsel’, containing nature's best sea salt, they asked Quatre Mains for a new straightforward design.

First, we refined the Marsel brand, creating a modern logotype and allowing the fisherman’s boat the space it needs. By placing the boat on top and adding a brand communication baseline, we created an immediate link to the salts origin.

A playful, marine stripe design shows us the difference between the salt types. A grungy white wooden look reflects the experienced craftsmanship Zoutman has displayed for many years. A simple design whose strength is in showing only what is truly necessary. Less is more.

Quatre Mains package design - sea salt, marsel, packaging design
Quatre Mains package design - sea salt, fisher boat, sailor
Quatre Mains package design - packaging, design, sailor, marsel
Quatre Mains package design - stripes, banner, salt
Quatre Mains package design - small packaging, stripes, marine
Quatre Mains package design - logo, update, marsel, best salt


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