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A mysterious Genever range

The Braeckman family has for approximately 100 years been one of Belgium’s finest genever distillers. Based on only the purest raw material, this juniper berry, grain spirit has formed a fundamental part of traditional Belgian and Dutch beverage culture for generations. After countless years of quality and success, the Belgian genever category was in decline, often overshadowed by the ever growing gin and vodka trends. Realizing fundamental change was needed, the Braeckman family briefed us to totally rejuvenate and invigorate their classics genever range and to leave the old fashioned dusty image far behind.

After immersing ourselves in the respected Braeckman heritage we decided to tell a romantic legendary story with each product, each inspired by mythical tales of intrigue and origin. From the family patriarch figure of ‘Old Braeckman’ where it all began to the dark and curious ‘Hen Thief’ who’s midnight movements are a mystery to all. ‘The Blue Pigeon’ is a prime example of how fable meets fact, this eccentric bird who selects only the finest juniper berries for this unique blend. These thick quill ink sketches on parchment labels are accompanied by inspiring cocktail recipes and quirky quotes, designed to attract the hip and trendy to our rich and mysterious genever range. 

Quatre Mains package design - spooky, alcohol, drinks, branding
Quatre Mains package design - detail, bottle design, packaging, label
Quatre Mains package design - quatre mains, kiekendief, jonge graan
Quatre Mains package design - jenever, packaging design, quatre mains


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