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Redesign for a baby care product range.

Happiness is Your Baby’s Smile

Much to our delight, our very first South Korean client, decided to search the world for a new design partner and by happy chance, came across Quatre Mains here in sunny Belgium. Kindoh would become our first step into the wonderful world of baby care products and a unique experience in online retail and it’s many challenges.

Our client Kindoh was a well-established player on the local South Korean diaper category who had great ambitions to innovate through extended product ranges and into the world market. Exclusively available online, the Kindoh diapers had become a hit with Korean young mothers, charmed by this brands social media presence and impressed by their honesty and premium quality product at affordable prices. This socially responsible approach and loyalty to young mothers proved a huge success, prompting our client to push the brand to the next level.

Quatre Mains package design - branding, kindoh, child, surprise, logo

The client’s ambitious expansion plans required a total relook at the Kindoh branding and packaging identity. After developing the ‘Happiness is your baby’s smile’ baseline we decided to enthuse the entire brand with this positive mantra, bringing quite literally, sunshine and smiles wherever we go. ‘Kind’ indeed refers to the child at the heart of every story, with the smiling ‘Oh’ referring to the WOW the brand brings to the lives of babies and young mothers. The two reds are employed to help show this balance and help people pronounce the brand name.

Quatre Mains package design - baby wipes, products, south korea, packaging

For the client’s extensive diaper product range and newly developed wet wipes, we created a Kindoh wonderland, where young babies can roam and explore, interacting playfully with cute and loving characters that populate each pack and provide an ownable visual language with the potential to stretch to all touch points. Using clear product colour coding combined with the consistent Kindoh red/soft blue colour palette and purposeful photography chosen to reflect each key step in a baby’s development, our identity looked to both guide and entertain consumers down to the smallest detail. This visual language was further translated to the diaper patterns themselves and can even be seen across other merchandising, home delivery boxes and the Kindoh Mall online retail platform.

A bouncing bundle of design joy to fall in love with.

Quatre Mains package design - child, baby, diaper, illustrations, quatre mains
Quatre Mains package design - wipes, kindoh, red blue gold, colourful
Quatre Mains package design - baby, care products, kindoh, quatre mains





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