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CHOCOLATES FROM HEAVEN by Klingele - Bronze Pentaward

A range of premium health conscious authentic chocolates

Klingele Chocolade is a family owned business situated in the beautiful city of Ghent. They’re a leading producer and supplier of healthy and honest chocolates made with respect for people and nature. They are passionate about quality and selecting the right ingredients to bring you only the best. Their organic Belgian chocolates are made with no added sugar because they believe that it’s not the sugar that makes the chocolate delightful, but the ingredients. It’s in nature where they find their inspiration to deliver you the most delightfully wholesome chocolates.

Our brief was to redesign their existing Green Dream - Chocolates range with a focus on the pleasure of treating yourself, guilt free. We turned their former baseline into a real brand name and utilised ‘Chocolates from Heaven’ to transport us to a world of pleasure. The dreamy surreal illustrations create an imaginary world that allow us to dream of ‘heavenly’ flavours. Every detail is designed to bring a smile to your face, inspired by our world famous Belgian surrealistic painters like Magritte. The tactile wrapper and hot-foil finishes enhance the feeling of craftsmanship, honest ingredients and premium quality. Our messenger dove brand mascot and stamp like label, convey a delicious chocolate message, sent straight from heaven. We don’t know about you, but we’ve definitely got our heads in the clouds.

Quatre Mains package design - clouds, surreal, heaven
Quatre Mains package design - organic, chocolate, redesign
Quatre Mains package design - bars, illustration, chocolate
Quatre Mains package design - premium, chocolate, range


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